Two GP practices in Dartford merge

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The Orchard and Maple Practices in Dartford, together with their doctors, nurses and staff will merge to form The Wellcome Practice on 1 April 2022.

By merging, the practices will share clinical experience and resources and patients will benefit from access to a wider range of clinical services and appointments.

The new practice will continue to be based Dartford West Health Centre, and from Monday, 9th May the practice phone number will be 01322 223960.

Dr Farzana Shora of the Maple Practice said “The idea of a merger between the two practices was first discussed in September 2021. The practices already worked side by side at Dartford West Health Centre. The name for the practice was chosen in consultation with both patients and staff and was put to a vote.”

“The practices share the same values and ethos and believe in delivery of best medical care in a timely fashion and offering best patient experience. All of us at The Wellcome Practice look forward to starting this new journey together.”

The new practice will be stronger, offering support to their patients with a larger clinical and administrative team. Dr Julie Taylor of the Orchard Practice said: “We want all our staff to be happy and thrive with opportunities to develop their skills so we can offer additional services to our patients in the future.”

Patients at the two practices will still be able to see the doctors and nurses of their choice and will see familiar faces in the reception team.

From 9th May, the telephone number for the new practice will be 01322 223960 which is the current number for Orchard Practice. After this date calls to the current Maple Practice number will be diverted automatically.

Maple Practice patients who use online appointment and prescription request services will not be able to access this service from 27th April 2022 and will need to reregister (just for the online access) after 9th May. Patients in this group will receive an individual message informing them of the process and information will be available via the website. These patients will need to use a written request when ordering prescriptions during this period.