Important information about Online Services and Apps for patients previously registered with Maple Practice

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Following our practice merger we will transfer clinical records from the Maple Practice to the new Wellcome Practice clinical systems from 27 April. This does not affect patients formerly registered with Orchard Practice.

You will be unable to access your online Apps (such as NHS app and MyGP) from 27th April until after 9th May. Once these systems are able to be accessed, we will send you a text to confirm. If you need to access to appointments during that time, please call the practice and use the request form on our website for prescriptions

Why will Maple practice patients not be able to access their online service Apps from 27th April?

From 27 April 2022, patients at Maple Practice, who have active online user accounts will no longer be able to access their online services via their Apps. This is because the online service portal at Maple Practice needs to be switched off, in preparation for the secure transfer of patient records into the new Wellcome Practice. Anyone trying to access the online service after 27 April using their Apps, will get an error message.

Will my Covid App be affected?

Your Covid App will not be affected. Please do not report this as an issue to NHS Digital. The patient record transfer will be in progress and will not be available for access.

When will the online services be working again?

Your online user account at Maple Practice is not automatically transferable to the Wellcome Practice and you will have no access to your Patient Online Service Apps until  the practice has texted you with instructions on how to resume your online services.

Please allow until the end of May for the practice to contact you as the new configuration process can only be done after NHS Digital have updated their system with our patient record details. We will send you a text with instructions on how to set up your Apps again and if needed, a new PIN for verification.

Online appointment booking

Online appointments booking will not be available for Maple Practice patients for a period after 27th April. If your request is urgent during this time, please contact the practice directly.

Online users ordering prescriptions

Patients using the online service for ordering prescriptions and who are due either medication or a review, will be notified before 27th April.  Although you will not be able to use your App, you can request prescriptions via our online request form