Panorama Documentary

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If you saw the Panorama TV programme last night you are probably as concerned as we were to see unsupported clinicians treating patients.

Just to remind you of our current set up at our surgery and the people you may be offered an appointment with:

We have four GP partners: Dr Clare King, Dr Farzana Shora, Dr Julie Taylor and Dr Yuesheng Chen.

We have four salaried GPs: Dr Ban Yousef, Dr Luma Saad, Dr Nabila Bassam and Dr Sanjeeta Thangjam. Dr Saad and Dr Bassam are currently on maternity leave but we have long term locum cover for their sessions. You may have spoken to Dr Ghozlan, Dr Lindsay, Dr Nesh or Dr Nuruzzaman.

We have two GP registrars: Dr Abi Raad and Dr Eswaravel (registrars are fully qualified doctors who are will us for part of their training for a period of 4 months to 1 year). We will have new registrars at the beginning of August.

We have Tricia, who is an advanced nurse who is also a prescriber.

We also have paramedics (Aimee, Alan, Ben and Rachel), who will also review patients.

We have three clinical pharmacists, Katie, Rawida and Sukh, who also has recently been supported by us to undertake his independent prescribing qualification.

We also have our practice nursing team or Prudence, Sue and Val, supported by our HCAs/Phlebotomists Kate, Sandy and Tracy.

All of the clinical staff that are not fully qualified GPs are supported by our GPs who have protected time in which to supervise, debrief and discuss the patient cases that these members of staff see.

In the current times of GP shortages, allied health professionals are incredibly important to help our GPs manage their workload, but of course making sure they have adequate support and supervision is incredibly important. This is something that The Wellcome Practice takes very seriously.

You may be directed to see someone other than a GP if this is felt appropriate. No matter who you are seen by within the practice, there are effective procedures in place to make sure that your care is safe and of a high quality.