Patient Participation Groups

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We are looking to set up two different groups with our patients to design our services with you.

1. Patient participation group

This group with meet in person or virtually to help us improve and develop services that work for patients, doctors and staff. Meetings will be once a quarter. We want to keep this group fairly small, around 12 people, but also try and get representation from different sectors of our population: young and old, working or not, carers, those with disabilities, different ethnic backgrounds, different genders.

2. Patient reference group

This group is for people who may not be able to be on our patient reference group but would like to help shape the services they receive. It will be a much bigger group and we will communicate virtually to the whole group or sectors of this group, depending on the issue, sending out requests for information and surveys and keeping you informed of developments. You will need an email account and access to the internet.

If you are interested in helping with either of these, please contact the surgery with your name and contact details (ideally an email address).